Zermatt, Stresa, and Lecco

IMG_0890 IMG_0911 IMG_0827 - Copy IMG_0672 IMG_0663

This past weekend Sabrina and I went to Zermatt! We had a great time, but we never realized how effing expensive Switzerland is…lol We spent two days skiing and one day hiking. My skis for the first day( which i had rented) were too heavy so i couldnt turn very well…but the next day I got lighter ones, which were better…but i only want my skis from home! We tried to keep’ going out to eat’ to a minium, which is why there’s a nutella jar in one of my pictures. Although, the one night we went to dinner we went to this rustic, counrty looking restaurant. The owner (i think) looked like a bearded, old mountain man, and when he saw that Sabrina and I were exhausted looking he said “mude” (which means tired in german)…and I said “yes, very” and then he pulled out like two mini baked potatoes and gave them to us and then went about his business lol…odd, but much appreciated:D

Anyways we had a good time, and next weekend we’re gonna¬† go Foppolo…some resort in Italy. It’s an organized club trip and it’s not very expensive…yay.¬† Also the pictures of the lake and hiking, are from Lecco…which is a town on Lake Como with good hiking. The red head in one of the pictures is an Australian we met back at the hostel we stayed in Bergamo…(which is where she’s studying). The palm tree picture is of Stresa, on lago maggiore. We spent the day there, sunbathing on the fishing island. It was lovely.

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