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This past Friday, Sabrina and I decided to escape the lousy Milanese weather, and headed for Verona. That night we arrived at our bnb…which was fine, but had the worst breakfast ever. Our host prepared the breakfast the night before in our room and covered it with seram (spelling?) wrap. The breakfast consisted of nasty ass bread with a bagged croissant that tasted worse than the croissant I had on my plane to Italy lol.

Anyways, the next moring we headed into the town of Verona. The weather was beautiful. It felt like spring…which is my favorite season:D We first ventured up to San Pietro Castle on the crest of the hill above the city and river. We sat for a good while on a wall, watching the river flow by.  We then headed back into town and stopped at Juliet’s Balcony…which I didn’t really care for…but not because it wasn’t interesting. The site itself was actually really cool…but it just seemed overly commercialized, which, in my eyes, lost some of it’s charm. After seeing the balcony, we walked to the arena and people watched on a nearby bench. (Haha) Sabrina and I are good at just sitting, and relaxing in a pretty spot, taking it all in. Finally, it was time to have late lunch/early dinner:D We generally try to stick to buying only smallish snack-like food, and not paying for a big meal, but we needed it…splurgy splurge;) So we had seafood pasta with wine. Afterwards, and with a little buzz, we caught our bus to Riva del Garda, on lake Garda. The sun went down, and it began to rain while we were on the bus. I guess it was maybe the combination of that and other things, but i has eh sad moment:(  I don’t know, I just began to miss everyone from home, and even with Sabrina sitting next to me, I felt really lonely.

The next morning was better, though. Sabrina and I had an awesome breakfast, which made up for breakfast the day before! I quickly glanced in my lonely planet Italy book and saw that like 10 minutes away there was a waterfall. So… i suggested to Sabrina that we should go, and she was game. The waterfall itself is tucked in a cavern 100 meters high and quite narrow. At first we could just hear the falls, and see milky blue water passing below the little bridge that wound it’s way into the cave. As we got closer, we started to get wet with the spray from the falls. By the time we reached the lower part of the falls…as close as the walk way would take us…we had become drenched and roaring echoes filled our ears from the sounds of pounding water. I wanted to get some pictures closer to the waterfall, but I didnt want to soak my camera. We came out of the cavern, and walked up the hill where there was another entrance into the falls…this one about mid-way up the waterfall…which I think was a manmade entryway carved from the rock. This part was even louder, and we couldn’t get too close to the falls because of the whipping wind and water. By the time we came out into the sunshine, our faces were dripping and we were glad we hadn’t put much make up on, that morning.


So, we made our way from the falls back down to the lake itself. The mist began to rise, and appearing around us were towering rock cliffs and mountains. In the distance we could see the lake with snow capped peaks around it. Excited, we quickly made our way to the lake. Although, the walk there was really cool, too, because growing in this mountainous, snowy region were tons of olive and chestnut trees, and orange and lemon as well. Also, palm trees lined the roads…which made the area that much more unique. Sabrina tried to pick an orange, but it was too high, and we didn’t want to draw too much attention lol. Also, I tried a raw chestnut which tasted like godawful…which I should I have known. When in Rome, right?;)

We finally reached the lake, which was spectacular. We had plans to head south into the other towns, but we ended up just sitting on the rocks lining the shore, basking in the sun and eating food we had stashed from breakfast. I played some music (hence the title), and we relaxed for a long time. It was so beautiful, it makes me mad that my pictures don’t do it justice. Everytime I looked up at the mountains, or the shear cliffs to my right, or at the beautiful clear blue water, I thought the landscape had become prettier and prettier. It amazed me how beautiful it was…and numerous times Sabrina said “it’s what you picture heaven to look like”. I can’t wait to take my parents here again when they come visit it April!!!



IMG_9942 IMG_9943



Riva del Garda, Lake GardaIMG_0264 IMG_0180 IMG_0219

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