Last Saturday and Sunday, Sabrina and I traveled to Bergamo, a small town located in the foothills of the Alps, about an hour east of Milan. The first day we arrived it was really cloudy and drizzly, so a lot the views from the upper and older city were obscured. Although, we still had a good time walking around and exploring the old city. That same night we went to a chocolate festival, which was really cool. Some vendors had chocolate hardened into various shapes like a toy gun, dentures, toothbrush, and an iPhone case. Sabrina and I both got white melted chocolate mixed with milk chocolate…which was to die for. We headed back to the hostel and met some cool Austrialian girls, who we were rooming with…and one whom Sabrina and I are still in contact with…(hopefully to get together again). Anyways, the next day cleared up and we went to the highest point of the old city, where lay a castle called, “San Viglio”. The views were really amazing. Later, we met up with the Aussies and got a late lunch and shared a bottle of wine… weird to say since I’m 19;) Overall, Bellissimo!


IMG_9714 IMG_9749view from San Viglio

IMG_9695 IMG_9693 IMG_9679 IMG_9671 IMG_9701 (2) Chocolate Festival

IMG_9705 Streets of lower city Bergamo

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