French Riviera and Taormina, Sicily

Last weekend sabrina and i were suppose to travel to Rome, although when we arrived at central station and saw that the prices had escalated to like 85 euros/ person, we decided to ditch that idea. While we were scrolling around we saw that a ticket to nice, france was 30 euros ..and so instead of spending the weekend without plans, we jumped at this idea. A couple hours later we were on the train to france! The first day in the french riviera was overcast as with the next…actually in general the beginning of the trip didnt start out very good. The first night we were in a hostel…and we were happy to have the 6 bed room to ourselves. Around 1 or 2 in the morning some creepy ass dude comes in, and wakes us up and starts asking Sabrina and I about moving to America. At first i was like, oh he has a key, he must be a resident coming in late…but the more he kept talking the creepier and weirder he seemed. I was actually seriously scared, because it was just me and bree and this creepy dude. He kept asking sabrina and I if we would like him to stay in one of the beds in the room…and because obviously we knew there was something wrong with him we were like ” oh you might wwant to go to a different room where there’s more people to talk  to” . Also, we didnt want to get him mad by saying something like “please leave, because i’m scared youre going to murder us”so we tried to convince him to leave as smoothly as possibly. Finally he did leave, and i barely got any sleep that night because I thought he would come back, and i didnt know an y number to call in case he did. The next day we found out he wasnt a resident and he had made a copy of the key days ago when he had stayed there…0.0 (are you kidding me) and then the hostel owner was like “so, do you wanna stay  another night?” …………………………………………..yeah no, thanks.

So the next day i dont really feel like talking about…in summation we had to pay a terd of a train ticket douchebag man 70 euros because we didnt have a ticket…which we couldnt buy at the machine in teh station. “i dont know lloyd the french are assholes”

…lol i shouldnt say this because the next day we caught a ride-share to cassis, france from a really sweet woman who offered to bring us all the way to our hostel.


Cassis was really cool. we hiked the calanques, which are amost a white looking canyon lands, located on a bright blue sea. It really was a gorgeous place to hike. I’m hoping on bringing my parents back there and maybe seeing the french riviera again, because I dont think it was done justice with the few cloudy and rainy days with which we saw it.

cassis, france!IMG_1426 IMG_1429


I really, really, really liked sicily. The area isnt (in general) very touristy and it just seems like old italian. We probably went to the most touristy area, which still seemed like it had so much of it’s history and charm from decades past. The first day there we spend visitng isola bella, the little island right off the shore. Later that day we hiked to the top of the castle on the cliff overlooking the twon and sea. The views were spectacular. The next day we went up with a guide and 3 other women, and we hiked parts of mount etna (which is the second most active volcano in the world). This was a really cool experience. For lunch we went to a vinyard on the mountain and had apertivo (like olives, bread, sundried tomatoes, and cheeses) and wine tastings with about 5 differnt types of wine. I particularly liked a red sicilian wine made from teh grapes on mount etna…it was one of the later wines, and you know they all start tasting better the more you drink;) We finished the day by going to a cave…which was actually a giant lave tube. This too was also really cool.

When we got back to taormina, we walked to the grocery store, and on our way we stopped in the main piazza. from there you could see a small little patch off bright red lavaon the volcano!

The next day we spent chilling in taormina. We went swimming and exploring the beautiful waters right off the beach, which are very rocky and fully of colorfully striped fish. The water itself was still pretty cold so we didnt stay in too long, and for a good part of the afertoon we spend sunbathing on the beach.

In the end, i was sad to leave Sicily…there’s just something really special about this beautiful island with it’s volcano and sea and rolling green hills…


taormina, sicily…and hiking mount etna!

IMG_1923 IMG_1736 IMG_1685 IMG_1750


2 thoughts on “French Riviera and Taormina, Sicily

  1. Sicily too? You both have been mad travelers, fine work! And I am loving the fact you are both documenting the trip—do you all have videos too? Also, are you taking sometime between when classes end and you come back to the states to see more of Europe?

    Let me know.

    1. hehe yes:D …but we’re runnning out of money:(!! lol
      and no i dont usually take videos…but i might try to for future trips:P
      And yep we have about 17 days till we head home…and sabrina and I are hoping on doing slovenia and croatia, but it’s still up in the air!

      also i’m excited i have a comment that isnt spam:D

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