Carnival and Venice

This past weekend sabrina and I left school early and caught a train to venice. We spent the day exploring the tiny maze of streets and crossing small bridges over the waterways, while wearing our masks of course:) I’m not much of a city person…ironic that i’m studying in Milan…haha but for a city, Venice is really cool! It’s so different from any where i’ve been before…and so beautiful. The water itself is a dark blue, green in the small canals, and light blue, just off the island… and numerous times we got lost in the many alleyways (which dont have names)…but it was all just part of the adventure.

We spent the night on Ledo island, and the next morning we scoured the nearby beach for the beautiful seashells littering the shore…which are now cleaned off and sitting on our apartment windowsill. Later that day we headed back to the main island and to San Marco piazza for the carnival events. On the way to the square we got caught in a parade of drunk costumed people, dancing along to the orchestra playing at the front of the line. For the rest of the day, we continued exploring…but because the weather had turned cold and windy, we ducked into an art museum…and then into a cafe. We finally finished the trip by buying a couple packages of fried carnival treats, and headed home on the train.

… also on a side note, we found a angelfish movie theater :D I miss watching movies… anyways on Sunday we saw “12 years a slave” which was really good. The theater has a lot of critically acclaimed movies, so we’ll be going back soon:)

….andddd…not this weekend, but the next, we’re gonna spend a few nights in Zermatt, and ski one day…YAY!


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