Cadrezzate and Mykonos

These last two weeks have been better. I guess i’m just getting use to being alone again in Milan..with just Sabrina, so things are going back to normal…:)

Last week Sabrina and I made a pilgrammage to our great grandfather’s hometown of Cadrezzate, near Lago Maggiore! Our great grandfather’s name was Luigi Piscia, and he and two his brothers, Andrea and Pietro, immigrated to Milford Massachusetts in the early 1920s. There they raised their own families and farmed and masoned.

Prior to getting to Cadrezzate, we werent really sure which house they lived in. My mom did some research and figured out the address, which we later ventured to. The town itself is very small, perched on a hill overlooking the mountains and Lago Maggiore…it’s quite pretty. It also has its own lake called Monate. The main piazza is tiny and the only church in town was built in the early 1900s. When we finally visited my greatgrandfather’s old house, which he and his family built, we were greeted by later generation of Piscias who stilled lived there! They were so nice and friendly. They showed us around the town, the old cemetary where two of Luigi’s brothers, (who had died in WW1) were buried, and where their father, my great great grandfather, Angelo Piscia was buried, next to his wife.


(far left is Luigi)


We then spent the afternoon back at the old home, where we all had lunch with wine,pizza, pasta, and an amazing pear cheese pie, followed by gelato. I am so thankful to have met some of my relatives, who were so warming and hospitable. We basically just showed up at the door, and they spent the whole day around us. They really are great people, who I’m proud to call family:)



This past week, Sabrina and I spent in Mykonos. The island is beautiful, and the Aegean Sea is so blue. We spent the 4 days there exploring the town, going to the beach, ATVing and shopping…oh and eating (greek deserts are the best) It was a very relaxing trip…and i believe i spent too much money on presents for myself and family:/!! Also the island is covered in cats haha. When we wwalked into the terminal there was a little black cat outside, and when we had gotten through security and were waiting at our gate, the same little black cat was meandering around the lounge area haha.IMG_2995 IMG_2985

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